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The architecture of GOD. The universe is created by a consciousness which manifests in physical reality through a blueprint that we call Sacred Geometry which repeats over and over giving the illusion of linear time.

I was born on 9/26

These numbers follow me everywhere and always have. However, for the past few months they’ve shown up more frequently and in different places. Should I be paying attention to this? 

Thank you, namaste~

— quantumcorvus

Absolutely. Truly Listen to your intuition, it’s telling you to listen to the symbols. Numerology is very real, it acts as subconscious trigger points to unlock our long term memory and deeper our awareness of ourselves. Your birthday is a very significant number to you therefore your higher self knows that seeing it more often would cause a trigger reaction within yourself. 

9.26 is 9+8 = 17 equals 8 

Eight is Infinity - Paradise regained.It is the number of rebirth and eternity. 

Eight represents the pairs of opposites. The octagon is the beginning of the transformation of the square into a circle and vice versa.

8 is the magical number of Thoth <3

hope this helps shed some clarity

Namaste <3


I had a dream last night and I feel like I have had it before someone is hiding in my house and i keep trying to find them but I can’t I eventually find them and kill that Person I’ve looked it up and tried to find some type of meaning to this but nothing comes up I’ve followed you for awhile and I know you will have some type of insight. Much love my friend :)

— yakiv

Good to know i’m not the only one having some strange dreams lately, i don’t know if it’s the energy of the eclipses and this cardinal grand cross or just the fact we’re shifting but my dreams have been freaky too! Very lucid and dark, like i had one where iwas swimming in a dark void place and serpents came out of my mouth… Anyways

Dreams are always very symbolic never literal, good to keep that in mind. I always see houses or homes as a symbol for our consciousness. Afterall your soul is your home in more ways than one so it would make only sense that your house would also be your soul consciousness. Personally what came to mind was that this person hiding in your house, is either a hidden aspect of yourself you want to get rid of such as past self, past emotions or past issue. Your dark side or antithesis. An aspect of yourself that you are trying to overcome. Killing this person could be a symbol of literally releasing this aspect of yourself, like an archetype of yourself. Killing also represents anger and lack of self control so it could also be an issue of the solar plexus. Something you don’t feel in control of, was this person just a random guy/girl, what was the characteristics of this person if there was any and did they do anything else in the dream? The person you are killing is the biggest indictator of what this dream is trying to show you about yourself. Is there an aspect of yourself you’re hiding or trying to get rid of, emotions you feel need to release, past relationships or aspects of yourself? These are all questions to ask yourself.

Regardless i’m sure you are a sane individual and don’t actually want to kill someone, this is just the dream world’s way of dealing with issues. Strange how it works, but it’s true.

hope this helps

much love <3


How Biophotons Show That We Are Made Of Light.

One component that many forget is how our cellular memory also connects to how energy is transferred and communicated between the nervous system(chakras connect to the nervous system and endoctrine system). This is how healing truly works :)

I really need your guidance please (love your blog btw)
I constantly feel like I am merely a bystander in life. It’s just one blur to the next and it feels like I’m not in control. I also have this constant feeling that I am missing something, that I’m not doing something that I should in life, I can’t shake it off. I never feel like I’m “living” anymore. How can I change this?

— moonlightofday

hange yourself, change the world. It ultimately starts with you.

You are always in control of your reality, your choices effect your outcomes of how your life moves and flows. When we feel like we’re going through the motions we have to challenge ourselves, do something different for yourself, don’t be a bystander. You are sooo much more than that and you know it. It’s important to be self aware and be aware of others as well. You need to find that part of yourself that truly awakens your soul and live it, become it.  BE it.You are always in control as you are the one that creates your reality. Your choices are what power your world into being, your actions fuel your thoughts and your outcomes are created from those choices. We are always in control even if we feel we aren’t. This is an issue of personal power and direction within yourself. You are searching for something, you feel you are missing something, you need to see that when we search we are getting stuck. When we search for answers, we are not listening to our inner voice, we are not taking control of our intuition and what it teaches us. we are lost in a world where we feel we can’t make choices. It’s all about positive manifestation. You don’t want to be a bystander, then don’t be. Take a step outside of your box and out of that comfort zone, one baby step at a time but do it because you want to not because you need to. It’s a fact of seeing that we are only stuck because we choose to be stuck, in the same way that someone feels dependent on drugs or alcohol to get them through their emotions, they feel they need something to live and get by. Really these are all just tools of consciousness, tools you control and tools you can take away or tools you can build with! You have the power, you are one in control as you are the vehicle driving your consciousness/thoughts/reality. It’s all you, so the only way you can get out of feeling like this is by getting yourself out of your comfort zone and start challenging yourself in the most positive and uplifting way possible. For you <3

We are learning everyday, we are always growing in understanding and awareness, Try starting today :)

Glad you love the blog 
sending loving <3



I was talking with one of indigo friends about his dream he’s been afraid of and thought this would be an important topic to write on briefly. My friend is convinced he had a demon try to ensnare him in his dream that is trying to take his consciousness away by games of torment. He wants to be a demon hunter and track down this demon in his dreams to save other souls. 

Okay with that being said, there are NO demons. Demons are merely projections of our mind caused from illusions of fear. Our shadow self, our antithesis. This happens becauses dreams are merely symbolic in nature, they are symbols of our subconscious minds that act as messages or releasing to help us in the physical world.  I believe people are more archetypal  angels or demons than astral entities ever could be. 

I think what concerned me is that i’m sure he’s not the only one stuck under the notion that demons and astral entities exist. As another friend beautifully said “ we are actually being made to face our demons so we rise into our true power and shine…You HAVE the power to take the shadows down…and to accept and love them… its just your choice.”

I think what this boils down to is personal power and realizing you are the most powerful being in your dreams, you are a divine vehicle and you control everything. If you feed into fear, you will create false illusions of fear such as demons, entities, aliens, etc. that are out to get you. If you realize you are already safe, you will feel more peace of mind. Like i used to be afraid of ghosts to the point where i was scared of energy orbs lol looking back it all seems rather silly to me, but it was because it was the fear of the unknown which created cognitive dissonance within me. Let me tell you something i learned on DMT when i completely fell over into pure Ego death.

Fear is complete illusion that we create with our minds. YOU are the one in control, you drive the car, you stir the vehicle, you direct the ship. You are the most powerful being inside your dream it’s not a matter of fighting but acknowledging there is nothing to fear. When we feel any form of resistance within ourselves, this ego thought, we need to question it and look behind it. Rather than ignore the ego or ignore the fear that we are holding, we need to question WHY we are experiencing this, why this is happening. So next time you feel this fear, instead of running from it, question it and ask yourself why am i having this fear, when there is nothing to fear. If it helps do a protection spell around your room before you sleep, put amethyst under your pillow and call on your angels. It’s important to realize there is nothing to fear, except fear itself. 

The amazing thing i learned is not only is life a paradox but we create that paradox with the power of our words, actions, deeds and kindness. It’s like we live on God’s playground as co-creators of reality and every day we get to experience and play. It is your reality, how do you want to see it, how do you want to project it? This is a dream. however Life is also a dream and we live within a dream inside a dream. This isn’t about the dream not really this is about your ability to see that fear can hold you back from your true potential.

It’s important to realize there is nothing to fear, except fear itself. 
Fear creates limitations, anxiety, and doubts 
Faith creates possibilities, strength and determination

Bash those demons away ;)

Sending love <3


Build up to the Grand Cardinal Cross


There are some pretty special energies about over the next 24 hours. Very positive ones in fact. Can you feel it? Venus is having a little dance in our life, asking that we see the bigger picture and what we are working towards with love in full view.

I know a lot of you have been having a hard…

oooh this is a good one, thank you for sharing, i forgot about Elizabeth’s work, she’s a good astrology buff. It seems like we’ve just been snowballing since winter and we’re settling into some pretty positive and heavy changes in the coming weeks into months! I’m noticing how the energy seems to be much more positive, it’s like the illusions are lifting and it’s easier to see behind them. Loving this new energy coming in <3

We are now building up to the astrological grand cardinal cross where you can imagine us being at the centre of a cosmic pyramid, made by alignments at 90 degree angles to Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and Uranus. This influence has been building for a while and on April 23/24 peaks. I love how it happens ‘bang’ in the middle of the two weeks between eclipses, when we are being accelerated already.”

How does one blindly trust?

— helloshay
Faith. Not necessarily a religious Faith but Faith in yourself. It’s the same concept of falling in love. When you date someone you are putting a lot of trust and faith into this person you just met but your heart is speaking for you and it essentially just *feels* right. That same feeling is what can be applied to all of your life lessons. Having faith in yourself, builds a confidence of understanding not only with yourself but with other people. It also helps change your outlook on life itself. If you have true faith, you know the universe wouldn’t attract you to people that aren’t going to help you grow and expand yourself. I believe that our Higher self is guiding us this entire time and everything has a reason and a purpose. For instance, say you are late for work and you’re pissed off that the driver in front of you is driving too slow. You can’t do anything about it since you’re in a no passing zone, so you just accept it, have patience and take a different direction. it sucks you got to work late but you accepted it.  Then you get to work and find out the previous cars in front of you got into a huge car accident. Had you of passed that car anyway, you might of been the one in the accident, instead you listened to your heart and knew to accept your circumstances by faith.  

In this same way i think it truly helps to be the observer by having faith and positivism within life, you start attracting those circumstances back at you through the laws of attraction. if i didn’t have faith and let fear rule my life, i would of never had so many divine encounters with people by synchronicity and be on this path now. when you let fear rule you, you are not guided by intuition and your natural instincts, you are guided by over-analysis of thoughts.

faith shows you all is for a reason and a purpose.
fear shows you limitations 
faith shows you possibilities 

hope this helps 

Namaste <3


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