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"One of the other things I find really stunning is the fact that the the 6th chakra is called the Third EYE. 

The current explanation of how we come to see things, which is still being taught to the children, is that photons bounce off objects, then they enter your brain through the eye where they are transmuted into electrochemical information and that information is then reconstructed at the back of our brains in the visual cortex which is telling you “what is out there.” 

Doesnt it seem like a nice “coincidence” that our two eyes which are basically pinholes letting Photons inside of our brain are actually closely related to this Third Eye located inside of our brain? Is it not obvious that there is a meaning behind the name, especially when modern Science tells us these parts of the brain are closely related to the secretion of Seratonin, Melatonin and DMT which are all related to our perception during the day and when we dream? Can we assume with the knowledge of Quantum Physics that the Third Eye is also responsible for the decoding and projection of our Reality? We can certainly do so. I for myself see a big correlation between how we decode and project reality and the Pineal Gland especially when we know that large amounts of DMT are secreted into the body in the moment of Death and that is where most likely peole who wen through Near Death Experiences got their visions from.

Some traditions even say that the Pineal Gland is the Seat of The Soul, a place through which the Soul enters and exits the body. All of these things lead us to one conclusion and that is that The Pineal Gland has a lot more function from our birth to death than we have been told”

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