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How to get 5th density

"The reason our Earth is being transformed into a new higher reality is because Source wants to. We don’t really need to know more than that."

Then why so much information? Because there is a difference between 5th density and 5th dimension and consciousness verses artificial mind matrix and I think that is what needs to be clarified if beings are to be able to be a liberated creator. The human body is caught up on the earth’s magnetic field. To leave it you have to be able to steer your consciousness through the center or black hole. Egyptians called this CHEMistry or black hole magic. The boat to the underworld is an arch. The arch of the sun. When you match the arc or frequency of vibration of the sun you can pass through it and to your realm of choice. It is the wormhole that is created when we know how to hold a frequency of bliss. But there are artificial ones as well. The artificial world is a death paradigm and not eternal life.

It is is all very fascinating. I have enjoyed the messages from this source but it makes no sense to say that we have to have all of this complex information to get to the 5th dimension when it is not a “place” but state of mind. Fifth density would be an ethereal world that is constantly morphing into different things like being in the middle of a hologram where people pop in and out and shapeshift, you do not follow the laws of gravity, you fly you do whatever and there are other aspects of consciousness (beings) doing the same thing to make up that collective consciousness of the higher dimensions. But it can be replicated with artificial technology so that a 3d beings only thinks they are experiencing an organic 5d reality but it is an artificial hologram programmed and controlled by someone else, the man behind the curtain. To be sovereign masters of our own reality we have to be able to steer our own light bodies. How do we know which is real and which is not? We don’t. And that is why it is important to be able to release the need to control things to be content when things don’t go the way you want them to in the waking state of 3d or in the astral realms etc. There are many mansions and some are artificial and dominated by other beings. They are all aspects of the one self but it is a tangled web that one self weaves.

5th dimension is a state of mind as all things are even what we call 3d is still a state of mind that was slowed down to a rate that makes the brain think it is solid and tangible. When we put our finger in the flame, the flame begins to transform the finger into something different. We experience pain because the nerves in the finger send a messages to the brain telling it that the ORDER of the energy field that made up your finger is compromised. It represents all dimensional realities, the concept which is 5d and the order that makes up the illusion of a 3d experience. At fifth density the same thing can happen but you would not be in pain unless you still believed you had a body that was destructible. Pain is just a perception of the mind. When you are lucid, enlightened you know there is no body to damage because it is illusion. You can instantly move your consciousness to a 5d perspective and experience the event as a transformation rather than focusing on the pain of being burned. You can also remove your finger in time so that you do not destroy it without losing that 5d perspective. Many believe that the goal is to create a world or move to a world where there is only fun and no suffering. But there is no internal or external world where that is possible. If you don’t want to suffer because you can’t control something then choose to “not mind” it. You can experience a world where everything goes exactly the way you want it to but how long with that last because everything is consciousness and the mind cannot bare to only experience one aspect of reality. We know that is true if we believe there is a creator that created the many mansions and wanted to cut off aspects of self from being Aware of all that is. It is where you place your conscious attention that “matters”.

When you place your attention on things that can be experienced with your external senses then you are focused on the 3d world. When you place your attention on compassion or oneness or transition you are experiencing the 5d world. In the 3d matrix of this world we are phase locked into the laws of gravity by a collective. That is why technologies are NEEDED by the so called “gods” otherwise they would not need technologies to create a “better world”. The beings claiming to have technologies are beings that want to control 3d. Good or bad, that is the case. Otherwise they would be content with the world the way it is and see that it is the beings that need to change the way they think and act in the world that creates a “better world”. The former is the perspective of an ascended being of consciousness with self mastery and the latter is an “control freak” of the external illusion.

It is possible to trick an individual into believing they are part of an organic CONSCIOUS COLLECTIVE by sucking them into an artificial mind matrix where they are experiencing what they are programmed to experience. In fact that is what many humans are doing right now. They believe there is only this solid reality and they are afraid of dying and leaving the body which they think is the only way to exist. The plain truth is that you can feel trapped and alone just because you THINK you are when you know intuitively that you are never trapped or alone because you are consciousness. That is how the mind matrix of ego is able to entrap consciousness. The mind matrix if very real in that sense but escaping is as easy as releasing your thoughts and focusing on the reality that you are eternal energy.

This 5th density world already exists and you can experience it when you are in the proper state of consciousness. Third eye vision will show you what it looks like (MIND) but to experience it as though you are IN it you have to move your consciousness to the appropriate frequency. It is difficult to do. It may be true that the conditions are changing so that it will not be difficult much longer but there is no need to wait for this to happen to experience a wonderful reality of your own design using your sovereign mind regardless of what is happening in the other worlds. Be in bliss and keep your aura intact and strong. Be lucid or enlightened to the fact that you are the one responsible for the reality you are experiencing whether you are caught up in a collective matrix artificial or organic, good or bad because good and bad will always be relative.

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