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Anonymous asked:

Ever since my awakening (which involved a bad drug experience) my sight has changed. I see everything as vibrating energy, although this is more pronounced with certain types of matter (like walls), and I also see the connections between objects. I can see how a lamp's energy interacts with the wall behind it, for example. Honestly, I thought I was going crazy until I heard Teal Scott (aka thespiritualcatalyst on youtube mention that she has always seen this way. Have you heard of this before?

I see this all the time, it’s the aura of the energy you are seeing, it’s very common amongst the spiritual folk and after you awaken especially after a drug experience. Drugs help dissolve the barriers of the human mind condition and open up your perception of the infinite other worlds of the subconscious. I see a lot of sparkling lights, energy orbs, auras of objects, sometimes people, flashing lights, white or black little apparations just floating across the skies, prisms, etc. 

This is called clairvoyance. Clairvoyants are able to see places, people, words or objects withing the mind’s eye; they read for people by describing to them what it is they can see. They also have the abilities to see auras, guides and other energies. It is seen like a vision or dream, not in 3-D. The images just appear within our mind and can appear as if watching a movie or photograph. 

everything has energy because our world is created from energy.  It was proven that the atom, the smallest structure in the universe is made up of 94.5% empty space. This revealed that what you see, touch, sense is only 5% of reality. Your physical body only represents 5% of who you are; you are 95% vibrating Energy.

We live in a time matrix grid composed of energy through our consciousness. You are a multidimensional being made of lightwave frequencies of photons. This is also triggered by colors too so if you see different colors with your third eye you’re also triggering these colors within your subconscious. 

It’s actually really easy to get back into that state of mind all you have to do is soft focus and bam you’re there again. 

you should look into the indigo children, crystal children, etc. you will find they too can also sense and feel this energy. you’re never alone <3

hope this helps 


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