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So on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the fastest, how fast did everyone’s day go today?

because mine was absurdly fast. Also not to mention it was 73 degrees today, it’s december 3rd and i live in the indiana, that’s just insane! If that isn’t proof of a pole shift i don’t know what is.
i have noticed days getting shorter and hours feeling  like minutes. like i thought it was still early but then next thing i know it’s about midnight…Time is moving faster, how do you guys feel today?

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  1. rememberbeherenow answered: I live in Michigan, and I feel the same! Im in school and for the first time in a long while cant find the concentration or the TIME !!
  2. sendussongs answered: I keep getting this feeling for a while now, ever since summer. And I know it’s not just me, it’s many of the people I know. Days ARE shorter
  3. lolalovesong answered: now that you mention it my day went extremely fast yesterday! I live in philly…last night i had to sleep with my window open and no blanket
  4. brennahasfaith answered: 10
  5. mysticalshamanjosh answered: well, seein’ as how I went to bed at 4am, and woke up around 1pm. didn’t do much today. so yea it went by kinda fast lol
  6. osoholy answered: 5
  7. nephilimaura answered: 9———->
  8. sistersleep answered: not particularly fast today. at night it feels faster. it hit 79 degrees here in texas. it’s warm all ova!
  9. corinnecy answered: it was a 9 Today was very productive, I went into it with a very positive mindset, in general this year has been fast, and speeding up.
  10. firstorgasm answered: I was thinking about this yesterday.
  11. wind-willow answered: 4
  12. jericryann answered: 8, Time is ceasing to exist!
  13. haeinsa answered: the days dont blur. each day entails new beautiful things unfolding and they all feel different. but it truly does go by all so fast.
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