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Chakras 8-12

The Soul Star or Alta Major Chakra – Located 12 inches or more above the body, this chackra relates to the invisible realm outside the body. It cleanses and heals the four lower bodies and brings clarity to daily experience. It stimulates the ajna opening and cleanses the subconscious. The 8th chakra is the last of the “human” chakras which hold us prisoner in this manifest world. Clearing patterns held in this chakra will free our being and allow the development and understanding of our true spiritual identity.
Earth Chackra – Located within a few feet above the head. (After nine helixes are formed) it will move out of the atmosphere. It may go as far as the moon, linking you as a steward and watcher of earth. It activates the thymus and integrates the heart, thymus, and throat into the Solar Power Center. It also aids in soul merge, the 3rd initiation, and contact with our Christed (body of light).
Solar Chakra - Onced aligned and plugged in, will be aligned to solar system. It assist in building our light body and align with the chakras below our feet.
Galactic Chakra - Chakra hooked up from the palm and is plugged into the “Galactic system.” It provides the link and information to our local stellar influence. It is the rainbow bridge to New Age, the higher dimensions, the I Am and Mother Earth. It balances humanity.
Univeral Chackra - Hooked up from the palm to the “Center of Universe,” outside Galaxy (the rest of the universe as pictured); Illumination; God source; contain all the Rays; help integrate all qualities; color of higher beings. The opening began early 1990s.

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