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Remember, the entire universe you see around you is a reflection of what is going on inside of you. The reality you experience is nothing more than a series of mirrors trying to show you the solution—you. Until you can realize that everything from the smallest insect crawling on the ground to the largest world events that are occurring, have entered your reality to teach you a lesson about your role in this lifetime, everything will remain in a state that appears to be chaotic and without sense.

You have more power than you’d have ever dreamed of, but now is the time to realize it—you are a creator on one of the most creation receptive planets in your universe. As you stand at the doorway this year of the Winter Solstice of prophecy, you are being presented with the final lessons to work-through before Gaia’s ascension. While Gaia herself prepares for ascension, she’ll leave imprints behind. These imprints are different paths from you to choose from. The vibrational frequency you hold within you is the key that will open up these new parallel worlds. Are you creating a world of tyranny where decisions are made for you or you cower as the eternal victim feeling hopeless as the Earth is torn to shred and all her inhabitants (including you) are in a state of bondage and destruction, or are you standing tall and affirming your destiny as a child of the Family Of Light here to co-create a new world of mutual respect for all life and leave behind you a wake of beauty and love that ripples across the energetic ocean of Gaia wherever you go?

Above all else listen to your heart and not to those who propose to have all the solutions. The answer lies within, it always does. Your DNA is firing up and communicating with your subconscious all the time through interaction of what you are manifesting in this reality. Within your DNA are all the codes of geometry and light that you need. These are the keys. As a human being you are intricately connected to the soul of Gaia. She presents to you mirrors of yourself for the purpose of growth and liberation. Nature speaks often with you, usually falling upon deaf ears. She speaks directly with your subconscious asking you to bring it to your conscious awareness and then leaving it up to you to interpret and understand—not for others to tell you what these experiences mean. The same is true for your dreams and astral voyages. This is your DNA talking to you through your subconscious, do not let others tell you what your dream “means”. Your dream is meant for you and not other. By sharing your dreams and understandings others can begin to cultivate their own insights into their own reality, because in the end you are all one, but you have chosen to take on an individual personality to experience this life and to stand as specific keys upon the planet. It is time to pick up the torch of sovereignty on every level, be conscious of how often you’re willing to give up your power without realizing it and then change that.

You have agreed to take with you all the keys necessary with you into this incarnation upon the earth as renegades. Yes, renegades. You are here to sabotage the path Earth is headed on and restore the light to a degree it has never seen before, a degree that elevates it into new levels of reality to experience. The darkness that Earth appears to be in right now is an initiation process for all of you. The darkness is necessary but not meant to reign. If you allow the darkness to continue or to bask in the darkness by projecting and amplifying the darkness you have failed your mission as a lightworker. The darkness is meant as a test to push your boundaries and understand basic universal truths about your own nature and the nature of reality. 

Regardless if you choose to raise Earth to a paradise or lower it down to a hell of torment is a choice left to you as an individual based on what you’ve agreed to experience as a soul contract. Did you choose to be a victim or did you choose to be a champion before you were born? Earth is a school and before coming here you knew that this would be an arena dealing with issues of empowerment and restoration. Those who choose to be willing victims and those who are unconscious victims of bondage will keep repeating the same problem, lifetime after lifetime until they resolve this karmic lesson of personal power. You are constantly jumping on different paths of parallel realities without realizing it. Every intention and action you set forward leads you closer to the new Earth you are creating and each mirror presented to you offers you a problem awaiting your solution. Do not navigate on autopilot. Take a hold of your life and create the world you truley desire. 
Your body and the Earth are the to main symbols of your three dimensional experience. These are the main tools gifted to you to work with in this reality. The way you cherish your body must be balanced with how you cherish Gaia. As children molded from Gaia your connection to your body and to the Earth must always be held in reverence. When these physical temples are maintained, all the spiritual activation will then accelerate for you and others. Look at your life always in comparison to the Earth. How are you polluting your bodies and the Earth? What things in your life are you torturing and consuming on the minute and grander scales? This is the basis of maintaining chakra health. When issues arise personally and globally, the main course of action is to counter it with light. Do not wallow in the darkness, do everything in your physical and metaphysical power to create your “move” for the service of all in this grand game of cosmic chess occuring upon Earth. 

Your chakras are multidimensional portals that transmit and receive. Before your reality around you manifests what you want to see you need to be clearing out and setting up the things in your life that will broadcast that through your portals. Before you can begin to clear out and set up the things in your life that will serve you, you need to maintain a perspective of what is going on in the world around you. Your mirrors are always dialoging with you back and forth. Once you have mastered this your star chakras or subpersonal chakras that extend beyond the Earth will begin to activate, firing up the associated DNA needed to receive this relay of information for you to anchor upon the Earth.
Not only are you and Gaia connected physically but you are also connected energetically. Gaia is a resevoir of knowledge and power and within your DNA lies the keys to access this. If you are not maintaining a spiritual relationship with the Earth, you are not evolving. The Earth is ascending foremost, and you are ascending with her. This means that the codes you need for ascension and activation lie within the Earth herself, but she needs you to activate her. Your relationship with the earth is symbiotic and meant to be a mutual partnership. She needs your codes to continue, and you need her codes to continue.

Many of you have felt surges of power that you’ve never understood. These surges of power are like sudden rushes of adreneline that last for a few seconds and run through your whole body. This is your body acting as a conduit to fire the codes. Knowledge has been passed down that when you perform metaphysical work that you must ground the “excess” energy into the Earth as to not overwhelm you, as well as grounding negativity to be transmuted. Do you not see what this is trying to tell you? You are a conduit and a filter. Whenever you feel these surges of adrenaline that appear to come from nowhere, ground it immediately into Gaia with the intention of purification for the use of restoration of her and her children—all of her children. As conduits it is important that the air you breathe, the food you eat, the water you drink, the thoughts you think, the feelings you feel and the energies you receive and project within your environment are pure. Food fuels you while water and oxygen feed your cells and conducts energy. Your thoughts and actions tune your frequencies to function properly as a lightworker.

Take what resonates.

Above all, remember that you are never alone.


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