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Galactic Evolution

So at this time of transition from 1999-2012, we can see specific astrological alignments are both creating and energetically anchoring in the parallel fourth and fifth dimensions and new physical/lightbody system. This process is creating the necessary changes within our DNA and etheric/physical body to begin a whole new evolutionary process.

We are in the initial stages of anchoring in light so we can mineralise, crystallise and perfect the integration of our light or cosmic body. This will enable us to sustain our next level of existence within the fifth dimensional holographic world and reality that has already begun its creation within and around us. Over the next 1,000 years we will perfect the resurrection of the totality of the lightbody system thereby anchoring through and living more within the Christbody and Consciousness.

We are now embodying the spiritual/galactic aspects of the Higher Self on Earth.

In 2013 we officially enter the fifth dimension and galactic confederation. We will have anchored within us the resources and internal technology to create the changes within our body and consciousness to ascend with the planet into a higher dimension that is not so separated from other realities and worlds. It is from this higher fifth dimensional hologram, frequency and reality that we can and will begin to master our re-connection process and participate with the parallel worlds and realities that are part of the totality of our DNA.

The Age Of Aquarius

A procession is an Earth cycle whereby the Earth moves slowly backwards through the entire Zodiac. It takes approximately 25,000 to 26,000 years for the Earth to move back through the entire Zodiac. Our solar system takes about 2,100 years to pass through each one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. After the 2,100 years we move out of one Age and into another.

The ‘processional world Ages’ are a phenomenon that have defined the course of history and have also given rise to much speculation about the ‘new Millennium’ and the fundamental changes it will bring about for all of humanity.

We are currently shifting out of the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, even though we acknowledge the complete astronomical processional cycle is known to be around 25,725 years long, the exact beginning and ending of the constellation of each Age is unclear. Therefore, the exact date for the ‘dawning’ of the Age of Aquarius has been the subject of intense speculation and debate. As previously stated there is now a growing consensus that the process of transition into the new Age has commenced. This belief has long been supported by the Mayan Calendars.

The Mayan Calendars hold a vital key to the concept of ‘galactic timing’ for the evolution of consciousness. They are based on the universal mathematics of the fourth dimension and believe that once we move into fourth dimensional awareness we will enter a new path of spiritual and mental evolution in tune with the cycles of the Universe – we are now in this prophesied ‘time of no time.’ The end of their current Great Cycle and the calendar itself is 2012 which also corresponds with the change-over of the current processional cycle.

What is Ascension ?

Ascension is the process that everything in existence goes through to evolve. We filter and integrate the elements from the Earth and Cosmos, ethericly and energetically, into the body via the chakras so the body and consciousness can continue to function and heal itself to sustain a life force within this dimension on Earth. As we successively incarnate on Earth we continue to evolve in body and consciousness, just as the Earth continues to change and evolve through time. This is the process of ascension.

However, periodically on Earth, the energetic nature of all elements within the Universe go through radical vibrational and frequency shifts, because of divinely orchestrated astrological events. At these times of evolution a ‘12 year transition’ occurs to create a ‘Doorway’ opportunity for the energetic consciousness of Earth itself to make a rapid shift in its own ascension process. At these times, rapid cleansing and rejuvenation occurs on the planet because of the intense energies activated within the Universe. These ‘times of transition’ are vital stages of ascension for Earth and humanity.

At ‘times of transition’, large Earth and cosmic shifts or events occur because of the energetic changes occurring within the Universe to support the ascension process; they can include intense stellar gateway activity and astrological alignments through to natural catastrophes. At such times in the past, there have been rapid extinctions of animal species and the completion of civilisations because of the intense Earth and weather changes. However, on a parallel level, those surviving the Earth changes were enforced and energetically supported to ascend by making a rapid evolutionary step in their body and consciousness.

We are presently experiencing a vital ‘time of transition’.; we are all ascending from the third into the fifth dimension (although this may sound like something out of science fiction, what we are actually talking about is a change in our frequency and consciousness). It is through the whole ascension process that Earth systematically evolves to create the changes within the elements and matter itself so the human body can alchemically perfect and crystallise itself.

So the human body is ascending into a higher state of being because of the shifts and changes the Earth creates in its own ascension process. It is through the changing elements within the Cosmos, that the Earth can evolve into higher levels of existence and as we reincarnate we are given a wonderful opportunity to experience different realities and thereby ascend each time into higher levels of consciousness and being. Therefore ascension is a state of evolution.

~~~The key to mastering this time of transition is to lift our vibration so we can anchor or template through the necessary energies to create the necessary changes within and around ourselves, in accordance with the changes occurring within our dimension. Channelled procedures are given in chapter 6 of Beyond Doorways to enable you to ‘run energy’ on yourself to help you create the changes within the etheric and electromagnetic field of the body, so the physical body can create the necessary alchemical changes and ascend.

Remember by shifting your vibration you can be sure to find yourself in the ‘right place’ at any given moment. The Earth changes are creating the necessary energetic and alchemical changes within our body so that our body can adapt and ascend into a higher level of frequency and consciousness, as well as creating the necessary energetic and alchemical changes in the planet itself, so that it can create the right ecological and geographic environment that is in accordance with the new foundations of our new world. ♥

from a good friend of mine, hope you enjoy <3

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