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Discovery of the century: the soul, exist…

Recognized scholars of quantum physics were able to answer the question that has plagued all religions and many philosophers: is there a human soul? Dr. Stuart Hamerof American and British psychiatrist Sir Roger Penrose scientifically proved that it actually exists.

The brain as a computer

Two experts are authors of the new quantum theory of consciousness, according to which our souls are in specific structures called micro tubes , located in the cells of the brain, and from there after death can come out and continue to exist in the universe.
Hamerof Stewart and Sir Roger Penrose came to the conclusion that the soul is in the brain, leaving after the man’s death and left to live in the universe

Hamerof Doctor from the University of Arizona and Penrose have been working on this theory since 1996, when they moved from the idea that the brain is a biological computer, composed of nearly 100 billion neurons, or nerve cells, and special, so-called spark axonal and synaptic connections, which are act as an information computer network. They wanted to prove that our conscious experience is the result of the process that takes place in micro tubes, they called orchestrated objective reduction (Orch-OR).
Clinical death is the key

Experts have studied the cases of people who have experienced clinical death. Their micro tubes of brain cells lost the quantum information, but the information in them were destroyed. This has Hamerof and Penrose confirmed that the soul does not die, but goes somewhere in the universe.

- If, after clinical death doctors fail to resuscitate a patient, all the quantum information returned in micro tubes a person who was on the verge of life claims to have the feeling that she almost died. It is possible that, when a person actually dies, its quantum information completely leave the body in the mind and soul continues to exist in vitro form somewhere in the universe - explained Dr. Hamerof.

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