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The sun, the planets and their meanings …


Although the Sun star, its position in the birth chart and the location of the sign of the zodiac is very important for every individual. Sun is the giver of life to all beings on the planet. Also, your zodiac sign is precisely determined position of the sun relative to a zodiacal constellation at the time of your birth. It encourages, feeds your ego and sheds light on the nature and character. The sun is also associated with your attitude towards the father and in general, the way you relate to men. If the Sun is at the correct position in the birth chart, you feel good about yourself and confident in their own abilities. Sun rules the zodiac sign of Leo.


The moon is closely associated with mood, emotions and instincts. He also demonstrates what is your attitude to the mother and to all women in general. Unconscious habits earliest memories, impulses and instincts, they are all under jurisdiction of moon. Depending on its position in your birth chart or the current moon phase, you can track how your mood varies. With the new moon begins and ends with the full cycle. Moon government of Cancer.


Mercury manages the communication and entrepreneurship, and speaking ability. His domain is the mind, analytic thinking, verbal expression and trafficking. If Mercury is dominated by your birth chart, you are likely communicative and expressive person. Mercury Retrograde occurs once every three years, when changing the direction of the path and then usually lead to problems in communication, technology, travel and business. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo.


Venus is the planet of love, beauty and creativity. It promotes the art, romance and generally brings good luck. When Venus is dominant in one’s birth chart, the person was given a beautiful exterior, is very attractive, but rarely lacking in money. Venus rules Taurus born in the scales.


Mars is the ancient god of war … its effect is extremely energetic and aggressive. This planet has a combustible character. Depending on its location in the natal chart, some things are more sensitive than others and are prepared to defend them ardently. Often when Mars is in transit, we feel lack of energy, but also strive to progress. Mars controls the sign of Aries.


Jupiter signifies everything that has to do with luck, good opportunities and optimism. Jupiter brings expansion and growth in every way. We all have Jupiter in the sign of our once in twelve years and that is the golden time, meant for success and progress. Unlike Saturn, do not have to try too hard to get the gifts that this planet brings. You just have to know to answer them when opportunity knocks on your door. Jupiter is one of the planet with the slowest moving and government sign of Sagittarius.


Saturn is a planet as big as Jupiter, but it means limiting in any way. Saturn represents and creates obstacles to our growth and development. Strict and always ready for a challenge, this planet is an employer that will not leave you alone until you learn lesson the right, hard work and discipline when progress is at stake.. What is Saturn requires safety and security. Most of us in this very planet is facing in its thirtieth year, when it returns us to the position we were in when we were born. Therefore this period the most difficult for most people. Saturn rules Capricorn zodiac.


Relatively new planet. Her discovery coincides with one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century, a trip to the moon. This is the planet of change, often quite unexpected and sudden. Some believe that the rebel Uranus, exciting violator of norms and rules, but even so, this is the planet that no progress can begin not left unfinished. Government of Aquarius.


Neptune is the planet of fantasy, illusion and delusion, and particularly self-deception. Since all of us sometimes need to jump into the world of dreams and imagination, thus being more sensitive, its impact was not completely negative. However, the presence of Neptune may be associated with the use and abuse of psychoactive substances, using it as an escape from reality. Neptune rules the sign of Pisces.


Pluto is the planet of unconsciousness, sex and death. All the occult and spiritual, is in the area of the planet. Under the influence of Pluto strive to make sense of our existence and our souls. This is also the planet’s revival .. and by Scorpio.

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